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Our Mission

We believe the best way we can contribute to the world is to help new ventures thrive.


In our years spent in the startup world, we’ve watched too many concepts die before they reach the marketplace. A product’s focus gets blurred, unnecessary features pile up, and months of work may result in no money, no product, or worse–a robust yet irrelevant product that’s misaligned with the original concept. This process is not only expensive and time consuming, but void of true impact. Our goal is to steer startups away from these common missteps, and towards progress and results.

We’d like to skip the fluff, take the right risks, and get some work done.

We at New Lion challenge you to uncover and recognize the true purpose of your idea. We challenge you to spend as little money as possible. We challenge you to focus on what’s important.

Whether you’re Joe Shmoe with an idea in your garage, a corporation too large to innovate internally, or a startup feeling stagnant — we want to work with you.

Meet the Founders of New Lion

We are a team of iOS and Android Developers, Full Stack Developers and UX/UI Designers led by a shared dedication to help startups thrive. Our leadership team has several years of experience building successful digital products and businesses.
Richard Anderson
Founder & CEO

Richard Anderson

Joseph Schlichting

Joseph Schlichting

Let's Talk Ideas.