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Our Mission

The failure rate of startups is needlessly high. We are on a mission to increase startup success.


We believe the best way to help a founder is to identify risks and guide them through validating their idea


We believe that creating real value starts with selecting the right product strategy.


We believe products should be designed to gather critical feedback before writing any code.


Making software people want to use over and over again is incredibly difficult. We believe this behavior can be designed.


We believe the least expensive codebase is the one that is efficient to maintain and update.


Whether you’re a bootstrap founder with an idea on the back of a napkin, a corporation too large to innovate internally, or a startup feeling stagnant — we want to work with you.

Meet the Founders of New Lion

We are a team of Software Architects, iOS and Android Developers, Full Stack Developers, UX/UI Designers, Product Managers and Startup Coaches led by a shared dedication to help startups thrive.


Our Minneapolis-based team has helped over 100 startups with Idea Validation, Product Strategy, Behavioral Design, Architecture, Development and Post-Launch Product Iteration.
Richard Anderson
Founder & CEO

Richard Anderson

Joseph Schlichting

Joseph Schlichting

Let's Talk Ideas.