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When you partner with New Lion, you partner with a team that supports your project from start to finish. We are passionate about guiding our clients through the full product design & development process.

01 Product Strategy

This service prompts you to unpack your entire product idea. We challenge you to think about your product in a different way than perhaps you have thought about it before.


Our first step is to unpack your idea. Here, we want you to tell us all about your product and what you already have and have not validated about the idea or market problem. We should also be able to identify what the product needs to demonstrate for its initial users.

Product Roadmap

Once we learn all we can about the product, we then move into Product Roadmap. Here, we break down what features are needed for each phase of the product’s life, ultimately beginning to hone in on the MVP. We should be able to begin to map out when different releases can be built and when designs for them should be made.


The final phase of the Product Strategy process is refining the MVP and sketching out what that looks like. We should have a finalized set of requirements and user stories for the initial build, as well as sketches for core screens of the product.

02 Product Design

Designing a clickable visual representation of your product is the most efficient way to gain vital user insight; all before a single line of code is written.


Using wireframes, low and high fidelity designs, we create the look of your product and which views are needed to support pre-selling, fundraising, or user feedback gathering.

Clickable & Testable

The designs are converted into a clickable visual design of your application’s core user journey using Invision. This simulates how the real, future product will behave–all without writing a single line of code. Now is the least expensive time to modify your product, so now is the time to test. You can take your clickable visual designs to potential users, pre-sell to customers, and gain invaluable feedback. 

Finalize Feature List 

We identify the final MVP feature list and requirements at the end of Product Design that will allow you to receive a much more accurate and refined estimate to develop your product. Stretch features are also identified; which are extra features that aren’t needed but would be valuable to include. After we have some users, we gauge the importance of each stretch feature.

03 Development

The features have been validated and the product roadmap is set. Let our local engineers work on delivering clean scalable code that can grow to millions of users overnight.

Scalable Code Base

We’ve scaled products to over 100 million daily active users. Without this experience the cost of scaling and product pivots could sink a company. (Ask us about Spaghetti Code.)

Future Features

Our business model is based on building partnerships with startups for the long haul by helping them succeed at every stage. We challenge you to spend less when the product is young for several reasons, but as you gain users and need to add features, we are here to help!

Technical Advising

If your team lacks a technical founder, we will step in and cover the duties of a Chief Technical Officer (CTO). We will even help you grow technical leaders in your team to take over the code base when it’s time.

04 Growth

Our business model is built on our client's success and growth. Here's what partnership means to us.


We approach our client relationships with the hope they’ll stretch across years of changes and growth. “One and done,” is not our style.


We believe in enduring business relationships, so our desire to keep your costs low on design and development is very real. This efficiency allows for dollars to be put toward marketing, operations, and business growth. To win your future business, we provide wins for your team at every stage.

Our Belief

When you succeed — so do we.

So, want to see the products we’ve built?

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